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Before moving to New Zealand, Ted worked in the UK for over 30 years. Whilst living and working in New Zealand for over 10 years now, he has always continued doing work for the UK environment. He has expert knowledge of UK residential & commercial design, and due to the time differences between the 2 countries he can often produce design solutions apparently overnight.

For many companies nowadays, program dates are paramount to most of their projects. Even small housing projects, loft conversions, extensions etc can be time-dependent, and Ted recognises this fact. He will always respond to any enquiries immediately, and once committed to a schedule, will keep to it.

Due to the English Pound being relatively strong with regards to the New Zealand Dollar, Structural Engineers NZ Ltd can provide designs for the UK at very competitive rates, and you have the confidence that they are produced by a structural engineer with over 40 years experience.

His work in New Zealand has led him to be able to produce design solutions not often seen in the UK. Always an innovative-thinker, he applies his learning & experience gained from one country to another, often providing solutions not even considered by other engineers lacking this unique experience.

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