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Ted is a Chartered Engineer in the UK, and a Chartered Professional Engineer in New Zealand, with 40 years experience in all types of structural designs, ranging from Nuclear Power Stations, Offshore Oil Rigs, HEP, Oil & Gas, through to Residential Designs and Specialist Staircases.

He now provides an Internet-based design service to clients, architects and engineers alike, and has clients in New Zealand, Thailand, Germany, and the UK. He has been the Senior Structural Engineer for Spiral Staircase Systems (UK) for some 25 years, and has been published with respect to his knowledge of the intricacies of the design of specialist bespoke staircases.

Currently, he is particularly focused upon providing seismic rating %NBS for all types of buildings within New Zealand (IEPs), and also providing more thorough and in-depth detailed seismic assessments when required.

Specialties: Forensic Engineering, Technical Reports, Finite Element Analysis, Conceptual and FEED Design. Attendance at Court as an Expert Witness. Detailed Seismic Assessments.



Principal Civil/Structural Engineer
Structural Engineers NZ Ltd.
January 2007 – Present (7 years 7 months)New Plymouth

Ted is the managing director of Structural Engineers NZ Ltd, an Internet-based company which provides engineering design services worldwide. The company was first formed by Ted in the UK, 40 years ago, under a different name. It has been based in New Zealand for nearly 10 years now, and continues to provide high quality and extremely cost-effective structural design solutions to the engineering industry on a global basis. For further information, please contact him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. – he is always willing to offer free and impartial advice to anybody, be they a potential client, another engineer seeking advice and/or help with a particular project, architects & planners and so on.


Senior Structural Engineer
Spiral Staircase Systems
January 1988 – Present (26 years 7 months)UK & Abroad

Spiral Staircase Systems (UK) are one of the world's leading manufacturers of bespoke staircases. I have had the pleasure of working for them for 25 years, throughout which time they have consistently produced extremely superior products, and stand alone by their reputation for designing and installing staircases of the highest quality. In the design office we utilise sophisticated 3-D CAD software which produce true-life renderings of the designs, and then we use equally sophisticated 3-D analysis software, including Finite Element Analysis, which together provide both high quality images of any proposed design, along with the analytical proof that they will perform to the most stringent of building code requirements.