SENZ have been designing all types of structures within the UK for over 40 years. We specialise in residential & light commercial design – most of our work is the design of home extensions, loft conversions etc, providing services to local architects as well as homeowners. We are very knowledgeable of all current UK codes & regulations, and of course the Eurocodes.

We have representatives & offices in Brighton, Sussex and also in Maidstone, Kent.

Because we are a registered company in New Zealand and work from here, we do not charge VAT, and with current exchange rates being very favourable for the UK, our prices are kept very low. If you would like to know more please contact Ted (he has a UK telephone number for your convenience) who is always willing to give initial free advice.

Please use our contact page for any enquiries and he will get back to you very promptly. If you would like a chat either early morning or early evening please leave a telephone number.



If you are looking for:

Cheap, Inexpensive, budget, Experienced structural engineer/s, Online structural engineers, Online structural engineering........

You have found what you are looking for!


Contact us for any type of structural engineering help you require


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